• What will the Green Schools Program do for our schools?

    • Provide professional development opportunities for Green Schools staff
    • Provide instructional materials, learning activities and tools for program implementation
    • Provide start-up funds for Green Teams in each school
    • Coordinate arrangements for energy related field trips for Green Teams
    • Provide engineering professionals to assist teams in the technical aspects of the program
    • Provide the services of an Energy Educator to ensure correlation to state standards through demonstration lessons and professional development
    • Rebate to schools 50% of the documented money saved or costs avoided as a result of more efficient use of electrical energy
    • Provide a Local Program Coordinator to administer and grow the program
    The Green Schools Program started in six target schools and is now in operation in twenty eight RCSD schools. The Program had the support of the Board of Education the Office of the Superintendent and the Educational Facilities Department through the years. Additionally, local businesses including RG&E, Wendel Energy, IBC Engineering, M/E Engineering, UGU/Gasmark Energy, Stantec and Day Automation have all provided professional engineers who volunteer as mentors and have donated funds to support the Program. Since the program inception, nearly $725,000 in electrical energy cost avoidance was documented District wide from the Green Schools Program. $100,000 has been saved for each of the last three years.