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    2024 CIT Interns of the Year!
    2024 CIT Interns of the Year
    More photos and video here: www.rcsdk12.org/CIT/Interns.

    2023 CIT Interns of the Year!
    2023 CIT Interns of the Year

    Check out this year's NYS Teacher of the Year Zachary Arenz now (State Ed Dept 2023 Video) and when he was our CIT Intern of the Year (CIT 2015 Intern of the Year Video).

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    Rochester's Career in Teaching (CIT) Program
    Career in Teaching (CIT) was established in 1987 as a collaborative effort between the Rochester Teachers Association and the Rochester City School District. Its focus is providing one-on-one professional support for teachers using a Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program.  The CIT Program's goals are to retain high quality teachers and to strengthen teaching and learning in our district through peer coaching in the spirit of a true profession. 
    View current CIT program descriptions and data in our slideshow here: CIT Program Slides.
    CIT Interns In order to be eligible for Professional Certification, all teachers with Initial Certification are required by New York State to receive mentoring during their first year of teaching. First year teachers, called Interns, are paired with vetted, trained Lead Teacher-Mentors based on their certification areas (see CIT Guidebook for Interns). Mentors provide intensive support to new teachers, guided by the four Domains of the Danielson "Framework for Teaching:" Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment,  Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities (see CIT Teacher Evaluation Guide).
    Some of a mentor's responsibilities include the following:
    • Provide oral and written feedback on classroom observations of Intern Marie and Interns
    • Provide sample daily lessons and discuss long range plans
    • Explore a variety of classroom management techniques
    • Provide demonstration lessons for Intern
    • Assist Intern in the use of technology in the classroom
    • Assist Intern with parent-teacher conferencing skills
    • Examine Common Core teaching standards and direct classroom application
    • Set up classroom observations of veteran teachers at a variety of sites
    • Examine student work and discuss student assessment techniques
    • Jointly attend workshops and conferences
    • Assist Intern in the use of community speakers, organizations and other resources
    • Help Intern to prepare for standardized testing
    • Discuss teacher certification requirements
    • Discuss appropriate interaction with colleagues and supervisors
    • Explore professional opportunities
    Teachers who are receiving their first Masters Degree in order to complete NYS certification requirements are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement.  Find information here: www.rcsdk12.org/CIT/Tuition
    In addition to the mentoring of new teachers, the CIT Program also provides several other types of support:
    • Professional Support is voluntary peer coaching provided to “Resident” or “Professional” teachers with the goal of improving practice.
    • Intervention Support is voluntary peer coaching designed to “offer all available resources to help improve the performance of experienced teachers who are having serious difficulties in the performance of their professional duties.”  
    • Independent Evaluation is provided by specially-trained mentors to evaluate colleagues using the Danielson Framework for Teaching  rubric as part of the APPR evaluation process.
    For more information about mentoring or any other aspect of the CIT Program, contact the Program Director at stefan.cohen@rcsdk12.org.
    This slide show includes photos of the 2011 Interns of the Year.
    This slide show includes photos of Interns at the October, 2010 New Teacher Orientation.
    CIT books Career in Teaching    
    Stefan Cohen, Director         131 West Broad Street www.rcsdk12.org/CIT             Rochester, NY 14614 585-262-8541