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  • The Career in Teaching Program (CIT)  is a collaboration between the Rochester City School District and the Rochester Teachers Association that provides customized, comprehensive, classroom-centered support from vetted and trained Lead Teacher-Mentors to all new district teachers and service providers (“CIT Interns”) as part of a 30-year-old, nationally recognized peer assistance and review program.  The landmark collective bargaining agreement of 1988 established a career ladder that encourages professional growth, strengthens teacher retention, and offers leadership opportunities to accomplished teachers without leaving the classroom. (See CIT Guidebook for Interns.)

    First-year "CIT Intern" Teachers & Service Providers receive:

    • Intensive, customized Mentor Support from a Lead Teacher in their field throughout the first year of teaching.
    • New Educator Orientation workshops and other professional development from Lead Teachers on the most critical, immediately relevant topics for Intern teachers & service providers.
    • Tuition Reimbursement for educators in the process of obtaining their first Master's Degree, or for teachers who are seeking additional certification in one of the District designated shortage areas.

    Additional Support Services   

    Beyond mentoring new teachers and service providers, CIT Lead Teachers provide serveral other types of support:

    • Professional Support: Voluntary peer coaching for Resident or Professional teachers aiming to improve their practice.
    • Intervention Support: Voluntary coaching for experienced teachers experiencing significant difficulties, utilizing all available resources to enhance performance.
    • Independent Evaluation: Specially-trained mentors conduct evaluations using the Danielson Framework for Teaching rubric as part of the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process.


    Contact Information  

    For more details on mentoring or other aspects of the CIT Program, please contact the Program Director, Stefan Cohen, at stefan.cohen@rcsdk12.org.



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