• CIT Governing Panel

  • Rochester’s CIT program is overseen by a Joint Governing Panel of six teachers selected by the RTA President and six administrators selected by the Superintendent of Schools. The CIT Governing Panel convenes about every three weeks. The Panel is charged with developing, implementing, and evaluating the policies of the CIT program.

    Career in Teaching Governing Panel 2023-2024

    RTA Members:

    • Alexis Leslie, ESOL Teacher, OACES
    • Stefan Cohen, CIT Program Director, Social Studies Teacher
    • Martha Keating, RTA Labor Relations Consultant
    • Sharon Key, Kindergarten Teacher, School #22
    • John Pavone, RTA 1st Vice-President
    • Vacancy TBA

    RCSD Members:

    • Thomas Anderson, Assis.taut. Principal, School #45
    • Kimberly Harris-Pappiu, Principal, School #53
    • Susan Ladd, Principal, School #28
    • Christopher Miller, Chief of the Office of Human Capital
    • Dominic Pickard, Director of Arts
    • Kara Reidy-Vedder, Director, Staff & Educator Effectiveness