• Professional support is voluntary, confidential peer coaching from a Lead Teacher-Mentor with the goal of improving practice.  You may request support if you are tenured ("CIT Professional") or untenured ("CIT Resident") on the career development ladder. The support is more targeted, less comprehensive, non-evaluative, and does not involve the same formal paperwork as Intern mentoring.  You may receive professional support for up to two semesters as described in Section 53 of the RCSD-RTA Contractual Agreement. You can find more information starting on page 11 of the CIT Guidebook for Interns and Teachers Requesting Professional Support (at the CIT Website here: www.rcsdk12.org/Page/50866).

    To request professional support, please email CIT@rcsdk12.org with a BRIEF description of the aspect of your practice for which you would like mentor support, and your preferred telephone number for a mentor to contact you.  CIT cannot guarantee who will be your professional support mentor based on availability and other factors, but can include your request in determining the assignment. Please be patient as we continue to arrange support for our newest teachers.

    Questions? Contact CIT Director Stefan Cohen via email or phone (585-262-8541).