CIT Lead Teacher-Mentor Reapplication

Click on the link above for information about the CIT Mentor Reapplication Process.

If your Lead Teacher-Mentor two-year term expires in June 2024 you received notice that you must reapply to continue as a mentor for 2024-2026.  You will receive an email message with a link to an on-line CIT Lead Teacher-Mentor Reapplication Google form that must be completed by June 30, 2024.

  • you should give yourself some time to reflect and to answer questions thoughtfully and thoroughly using concrete examples of from your work as a Mentor so the CIT Panel will have sufficient evidence to evaluate your reapplication;
  • if you do not finish all the questions in one sitting, you can return to the form and make changes up until the due date; you can do this by submitting the form, and then using the link in the email confirmation that you will receive to return and edit your responses;
  • if you have not been activated, or your actual experience does not provide a relevant example for a reapplication question, you will be asked to indicate that in your answer and describe how you might approach the scenario or issue;
  • you may need to sign in with your district Google account ([7-digit ID #];
  • CIT will contact your current RTA Rep and Principal directly for a reference; you do not need to ask them to submit confidential reference forms as in the past; and
  • it would be helpful to let CIT know if you are not planning to reapply (so we won’t bug you with reminders).

In July, the CIT Governing Panel will rate your written reapplication responses based on your clear analysis of your mentoring practice with fully developed, relevant and specific examples. In February, the CIT Governing Panel will review reapplications, mentor performance, paperwork, attendance, references, and evaluations and will either (1) renew you for another two-year term, (2) invite you for a reapplication interview, or (3) decline to renew your position for another term.

Email with questions.

CIT_Mentor_Reapplication_Instructions_2024.docx, 22.87 KB; (Last Modified on May 16, 2024)