CIT Lead Teacher Application

Use this form for all Lead Teacher positions. 
For Mentor applicants: the Career in Teaching (CIT) Governing Panel generally opens up the CIT Lead Teacher-Mentor application process in December/January, interviews eligible candidates in Feb/Mar, and makes selections in April/May. There is training over the summer on peer coaching and CIT procedures, and then Lead Teacher-Mentors are “activated” based on need.
Please fill out the "CIT Lead Teacher Application" completely including a detailed "Applicant's Statement."  Submit all forms to the CIT Office, located at 131 West Broad Street; Room 2E-22 or email as a signed attachment to

Fill out the header on the "CIT Lead Teacher Confidential Reference Form" and distribute to your references.  References must return these forms directly to the CIT Office.  Applications and References will be held on file for one year.
CIT Lead Teacher-Mentor Application.docx, 23.49 KB; (Last Modified on January 12, 2021)