• Audit Committee
    Commissioner James Patterson, Chair
    The Audit Committee is a requirement under New York State Education Law Section 2116-C and is granted authority, by the Board of Education, to perform the following:
    • To assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for audit, internal control and financial reporting processes, as well as the District's processes for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and Board policy.
    • To assist the Board in ensuring that the District adopts and implements controls and procedures promoting compliance and standards of excellence in the areas of honesty, integrity and ethics.
    • The Committee shall promote, maintain, and enhance the independence and objectivity of the Board's Office of Auditor General by ensuring broad audit coverage, adequate consideration of audit reports, and appropriate and timely action on recommendations.
    • The Committee also serves to reduce the risk of both internal and external influences that might otherwise impair the independence and objectivity of the Office of Auditor General.

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