• NOTE: As at August 1, 2019 Board Committees have been reinstated as Committees of the Whole, with the exception of the Excellence in Student Achievement Committee (which remains suspended).
    Community and Intergovernmental Relations Committee

    Judith Davis, Chair
    The purpose of the Community and Intergovernmental Relations (CIGR) Committee is to:
    • Facilitate the Board's working relationship with members of Rochester community, local, state, and national elected officials, lobbyists and school board organizations, to advance RCSD interests.
    • Develop, with Superintendent, annual legislative agenda.
    • Review and make recommendations to the Board on proposed legislation effecting the Board, RCSD or students, as well as legal cases that may impact RCSD, i.e. CFE (Campaign for Fiscal Equity).
    • Review all Board resolutions pertaining to Board positions, appropriate contracts (lobbyist).
    • Advocate on behalf of the Board and RCSD.
    • Work to build and maintain relationships with local, state and national elected officials.
    • Serve as conduit with City Hall and work closely with Board to ensure input on City Hall decisions that may impact RCSD.

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