• NOTE:  NOTE:  As at August 1, 2019 Board Committees have been reinstated as Committees of the Whole, with the exception of the Excellence in Student Achievement Committee (which remains suspended).
    Excellence in Student Achievement Committee
    The purpose of the Excellence in Student Achievement (EISA) Committee is to:
    • Work to advance student achievement.
    • Review Quarterly Academic Achievement Reports.
    • Review policies and/or Administration recommendations that impact student achievement.
    • Oversee program evaluation to ensure funded programs are effectively impacting student achievement, and that successful program are replicated where possible.
    • Review and recommend position to the Board on resolutions, pertaining, to student achievement, corresponding policies, programs, etc.
    • Follow up on implementation of Board-approved policies and programs.
    • Monitor, with the Governance committee, progress on the Board's annual goals.

    Click here to view and download all of the Excellence In Student Achievement Committee Meeting Minutes.