• NOTE: As at August 1, 2019 Board Committees have been reinstated as Committees of the Whole, with the exception of the Excellence in Student Achievement Committee (which remains suspended).
    Board Governance and Development Committee
    Amy Maloy, Chair
    The purpose of the Board Governance and Development Committee is to:
    • Work with members to:
      • Determine their collective development needs.
      • Coordinate training to enhance their ability to perform their roles.
      • Maintain effective working relationship with Superintendent.
    • Facilitate orientation of new members.
    • Annually update the Superintendent and his evaluation tool.
    • Supervise and evaluate board staff.
    • Work with Board to modify, as necessary, the Board staff evaluation tool.
    • Develop plan articulating how Board committees will work with the full Board and Superintendent in coordinated effort to achieve annual goals of both parties.
    • Organize board retreats.
    • Work with BOE to set annual goals.