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  • Program Mission

    The Career Pathways to Public Safety program is a growing network of interrelated partnerships that strive to meet the needs of the community by providing youth residing in the City of Rochester with both secondary and post-secondary opportunities to prepare them for a career in Public Safety.  The program also provides resources to ensure student success: such as graduation from high school, college credit towards the pursuit of a post-secondary degree, work-based learning experiences, industry-based certifications and potential employment opportunities; all which prepare youth to become productive citizens of the City of Rochester.

    Program Vision

    The Career Pathways to Public Safety program provides youth residing in the City of Rochester with a comprehensive, two year career plan in their chosen pathway of Public Safety.  The program is interlaced with stepping stones of achievement opportunities that motivate students to maintain the focus and discipline required to endure throughout the awareness and development stages.  The program prepares youth with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to meet the high demand for diverse and local residency candidates in the Public Safety sector; Police, Security and Corrections, Firefighting Safety and Protection Technology, Emergency Communication and Medical Services. 

    Program Design

    Eleventh and twelfth grade students from various high schools throughout the city of Rochester, travel to the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC) to participate in the Career Pathways to Public Safety Program.  Eleventh grade students are enrolled in a 36-week Career Awareness class that provides students the opportunity to explore various fields of public safety. Twelfth grade students are enrolled in pathway of their choice in a Career Development class that provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of their chosen career pathway (Criminal Justice, Firefighting, Emergency Medical, and Emergency Communication).  Curriculum is co-developed and co-delivered by certified industry experts and Rochester City School District professionals with backgrounds and years of experience in the field of public safety.

    How do I participate?

    Students who will be entering the 11th and 12th grades in the Fall and who are interested in participating in the program, must meet the following requirements to be considered for an interview:
    Be a Rochester City School District student entering 11th or 12th grade in the fall.


    • Be in good standing in both academics and attendance.
    • Be passing all core courses.
    • Submit a parental consent form.
    • Submit two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher or administrator at their school/one from a community member).
    • Participate in a program interview.
    • Obtain a counselor sign off to verify they are on track towards meeting graduation requirements.
    Would you like to learn more? Please view our Program Brochure
    *Applicants must return this completed packet to their School Counselor.
    Need assistance or additional information, please contact us:
    Rhonda Neal, Executive Director of
    Career Pathways & College and Business Partnerships
    Rochester City School District
    131 West Broad Street
    Rochester, New York 14614
    Phone: (585)262-8338   Office
                (585)773-4842   Mobile
    |  Email: rhonda.neal@rcsdk12.org 
    Need more information? Please view our brochure.