• School-Based Health Clinics (SBHC)
    School-Based Health Clinics offer primary health-care services at no cost to enrolled students and their families.  A family's health insurance will be billed only if the student has coverage.  The clinics work with parents, guardians, and primary-care providers in the community.  Each clinic provides comprehensive services such as:
    • Physical examinations for work or sports
    • Treatment of injuries
    • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses
    • Prescription management
    • Mental health services
    • Immunizations
    • Laboratory tests
    • Health education
    • Counseling
    In order to receive these free services, a student must have an enrollment form signed by his/her parent or legal guardian.  Forms are available at the School-Based Health Clinic in each school identified below.  School Based Health Centers are sponsored by the Rochester General Hospital Behavioral Health Network, University of Rochester School of Nursing, and Anthony Jordan Health, and are located at the following schools:
    • School No. 9 (324-7615) ext. 1140)
    • School No. 33 (482-9290 ext. 1141)
    • East High School (288-1390)
    • Edison Educational Campus (324-9750)  
    • Dr. Freddie Thomas Campus (262-8850)
    • Franklin Educational Campus (324-3726)  
    • Douglas Educational Campus (324-9210)  
    • Charlotte Educational Campus (324-7760)


    The Clinics are supported by their Article 28 and monitored closely by the NYS Department of Health.  For further information on services or enrollment, contact the School-Based Health Clinic at any of the above schools.