2024-25 Special Lottery

  • As part of the comprehensive school reconfiguration, the Rochester City School District held a special lottery for impacted schools. The special lottery was available for the following groups of students:

    K-5 Students in Closing Schools
    Students currently in grades K-5 at closing schools (Clara Barton No. 2, Dr. Walter Cooper Academy No. 10, Adlai E. Stevenson No. 29, Andrew J. Townson No. 39, RISE Community No. 106, and Wilson Foundation Academy) will participate in a special lottery to select a school in their zone.

    Students can rank one citywide school and then up to four schools in their zone.

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    Current 7th-grade Students in Impacted Schools
    All 7th-graders, except those who attend East Lower School, Northwest Junior High, School of the Arts, and World of Inquiry will participate in the special lottery to select a middle school in their zone.

    This includes current 7th-graders at four schools closed as part of the reconfiguration plan (DAHY, Franklin Lower School, Monroe Lower School, and Wilson Foundation Academy) and John Williams No. 5, Roberto Clemente No. 8, Anna Murray-Douglass No. 12, Enrico Fermi No. 17, Dr. Charles T. Lunsford No. 19, Henry Hudson No. 28, Mary McLeod Bethune No. 45, and Helen Barrett Montgomery No. 50. 

    Students who live in the Northeast and Northwest zones will rank all schools in their zone. Students who live in the South zone only have one middle school option.

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    Current 9-11 Students in Closing High Schools
    Students currently in grades 9-11 at Franklin Upper School and Northeast College Prep will participate in the special lottery to select a new high school.

    High school offerings are open to all families. Students can rank their top five schools.

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  • Exceptions were made for students in highly specialized education programs in all zones and Bilingual programs in the south zone. Those families were contacted separately. Students who do not participate in the special lottery will be placed in a school closest to their home where space is available after the selection process is complete.