• cert RCSD Social Workers and Speech Language Therapists may receive reimbursement when they renew their professional license. Active employees of the RCSD who will be employed under contract by the district during the term of the renewed license are eligible for this benefit. (See RCSD-RTA Contract Section 46.1.b.3.)

    Send your reimbursement request via email to CIT@rcsdk12.org. with the subject header, "License Renewal Reimbursement." Please include your employee ID Number in the request message and include the following documents as email attachments*:

    Questions?  Contact Wendy Underhill at the CIT Office, 262-8518.

    *Please do not use photos or screenshots.  Please either scan the documents, or download them from the NY State website using the download or print to PDF feature. If you are using Google Chrome, you can type Ctrl-P and then for “Destination” select “Save as PDF”.