Full instructions for completing the PART Process are found in Supplement B of the Teacher Evaluation Guide.  
    Find it here: TEG Supplement B - PART  

    PART is an annual process aimed at fostering a rigorous collegial examination of professional work. The teacher’s professional practice will be evaluated by the teacher’s Administrator Supervisor based on multiple observations (80% of APPR Observation component) AND by the teacher’s PART Review Team who will review evidence submitted by the teacher, conduct a structured interview, and submit ratings based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubric (20% of APPR Observation component).

    The APPR PART Process is modeled on the PART Summative Process that was part of the RCSD-RTA Contract for many years.  The PART Summative was a three-year process used in place of administrator evaluation. It has been revised in the current annual process in order to comply with New York State education law and APPR regulations. It now includes an administrator evaluation and ratings are based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubrics. 

    Each teacher is to select 1-2 educators (at least one teacher should be from the same tenure area/program if possible) and his/her immediate supervisor to serve as PART Reviewers.  Whenever possible members of the review team should be from the same building as the teacher who is completing the PART assignment.  Teachers who choose PART may select from the two PART Options:

    PART Option #1 Structured Review of Student Work or  
    PART Option #2 Teacher Portfolio.

    The selection of a PART Option and PART Reviewers are recorded on PART Form #1: “Declaration.” Evidence is collected and presented to PART Reviewers with PART Form #2: “Evidence.” PART Reviewers come to consensus on rubric ratings and confirm with signatures on PART Form #3: “Final Signatures.” Forms can be found at the links below. Completed and signed forms and rubric ratings are uploaded into PeopleSoft (e-Performance) by the teacher’s direct supervisor or designee (detailed instructions at http://rcsdk12.org/Page/25649). 

    Deadlines and other information are in the Teacher Evaluation Guide.

    These instructions for uploading PART into e-Performance (on Peoplesoft) are from the RCSD APPR Website: