•  [***NEW PROCEDURE***  If you are completing an application for tuition reimbursement after March 3, 2020, use the new on-line application form according to instructions here: www.rcsdk12.org/Page/53398.]
    Tuition Reimbursement
    Tuition reimbursement is available for teachers who are in the process of obtaining their first Master's Degree toward Professional Certification, or for teachers who are seeking additional certification in one of the District-designated shortage areas (see Human Resources/Shortage Areas).  Full-time and part-time teachers (0.5 or more) are eligible. Per diem substitutes are not eligibile.
    Applications for tuition reimbursement are due at least 30 days prior to the start of the course.  In order to expedite the process, it is important that all information on the application be completed. A maximum of 36 credit hours may be reimbursed. Please note that each year, after receiving $5250 in the calendar year (January-December), federal regulations require tuition reimbursement to be taxable.  
    Click here for a step-by-step description of the application process: Tuition Reimbursement Process
    Please click on this link to access a printable copy of a Tuition Reimbursement application: Tuition Reimbursement Application
    A service commitment of four (4) semesters is required after the conclusion of the last course taken. If a resignation or separation from the district occurs before the service commitment is fulfilled, a refund may be owed to the district.
    All completed applications or questions about tuition reimbursement may be emailed to CIT@rcsdk12.org.