Social Media

  • The District operates multiple social media accounts to support communication efforts. Our social media accounts uphold all elements of our brand identity.

    Additionally, we support schools with social media by helping to create accounts, provide user training, and develop content strategies.

    Departmental social media accounts should be approved by the Communications Department to ensure they meet proper brand standards and do not duplicate, compete with, or distract from the official District accounts.


  • The Communications Department works with departments to ensure accurate information is available online for parents, students, employees, and public stakeholders.

    To ensure consistency, our internal web pages are developed within our standard website template. Websites developed at the District level may feature custom design elements related to a specific campaign or communication goal/purpose.

    All department websites should be built in the standard Blackboard website template for consistency.

    The Communications Department assists in setting up and training those at schools to maintain school websites. For training or technical assistance with a District-provided school website, please contact the communications department.