• High-quality images are important visual elements that can help make print and digital communications stand out. However, poor quality images can be distracting and compromise the credibility of a message or organization.

    • Photos should always be taken with the highest possible resolution (300 dpi for photo).
      TIP: iPhone users can use the HDR setting for high-resolution photos.
    • Blurry, stretched, pixelated, or poorly framed images should never be used.

    • Never use images from external websites that are not copyright approved.
    • Always use images that accurately reflect the District or school (racial diversity, age, gender, etc.).
    • Always ensure students have proper parental consent to be included in photos that may be used for external purposes.

    Need an image?

    The Communications Department has a database of high-quality images for use in communication materials. If you are interested in using one of our approved photos, please view the folder below or contact You must be logged into your District Google account to access the folder.