• Scope & Purpose – The Office of Grants & Program Accountability, in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), created an ESSA-Funded Programs Task Force in July 2020. The purpose of this task force is to invoke the valuable voices of multiple stakeholder groups as ESSA-funded programs are planned and implemented, as well as to uphold the consultation and collaboration requirements set forth by ESSA.

  • Bullet Theory of Action – The work of the ESSA Funded Program Task Force is organized around a theory of action to which our goals, strategies, and tactics are aligned: If we convene a committee of various stakeholders to collaborate on the development, implementation, and progress monitoring of ESSA-funded programs, we will create programs that reflect District and student need, community voice, and that are implemented in a fiscally- and policy-responsible way.

  • bullet  A Collaborative Framework – The task force is composed of a variety of stakeholders in an effort to maintain adequate representation of various stakeholder groups and to promote shared decision-making and progress monitoring with regard to ESSA funded programs.

  • Bullet As such, the Office of Grants & Program Accountability has recruited students, teachers, principals, assistant principals, parents, specialized instructional support personnel, community partners and members, local higher education faculty members, non-public school staff, and local government representatives to participate in this team. The diverse composition of this task force allows for the Office of Grants & Program Accountability to optimize the collaboration necessary to support school improvement.