• Rochester City School District Healthy Community

    Nutrition and physical exercise play essential roles in the health and development of every child and employee, and are vital to the academic and personal development of our students and staff.

    Numerous studies have established the correlation between good nutrition and exercise, and academic performance as measured by test scores, attendance rates and school behavior. Given that our students attend school for a substantial portion of their young lives, the Rochester City School District must play a critical role in helping students to learn healthy eating habits and to engage in physical exercise on a daily basis.

    Healthy nutritional standards will help our students to make healthy choices in their selection of foods both in and outside of school. The promotion of regular physical exercise will enhance the overall health and academic performance of our students.

    The District’s recently amended Wellness Policy and Regulation, based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Coordinated School Health, presents a comprehensive strategy to promote student health and school success.