Special Education Parent Advisory Council

  • The SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) is composed of a group of parents with special needs students in the Rochester City School District. Together, this group works to provide a supportive environment for students, families, and educators who will help each student achieve their potential. 

Goals of SEPAC

    • Advise the District on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities and meet regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the District’s special education programs.
    • Promote a network of parents of children with special needs and provide a forum to share information, and discuss matters of common concern and interest.
    • Promote communication among families with special needs students and Rochester schools.
    • Provide informational forums to parents, students, educators, and other professionals involved with children with special needs.
    • Promote communications and programs within the community to encourage understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of children with special needs.
    • Communicate with local, state, and national organizations, as well as councils and groups that support children with special needs.

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Meeting Dates

  • September 20, 2021
    October 18, 2021
    November 15, 2021
    December 13, 2021
    January 10, 2022
    February 14, 2022
    March 14, 2022
    April 25, 2022
    May 16, 2022
    June 13, 2022
    July 18, 2022
    August 15, 2022

    All scheduled meetings currently take place via Zoom conferencing. Please contact RCSDSepac@gmail.com for Zoom link and meeting information.

Join SEPAC today.

  • The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is seeking parents to join the committee. All meetings are open to parents of children receiving special education services in the Rochester City School District. 

    SEPAC General Meetings are held once a month to discuss parent concerns and to collaborate with the District and outside agencies to discuss and resolve those concerns.

    If you are interested in applying to be a SEPAC Parent Representative or would like additional information, please email us today at RCSDSepac@gmail.com.