• Rochester Teachers Care Project
    RTA has launched a series of weekly videos to be shared with teachers that show Rochester Teachers Care

    The goal is to promote positive happenings with all members in all units of the RTA, sharing stories of teachers who are doing extraordinary things with students, their families, or the community. 

    The first video featured CIT Intern John-Martin Cannon, mentored by Annamaria Manso.
    Videos of our 2017 CIT Interns of the Year can be found here: CIT YouTube 2017 Playlist
    Other videos feature CIT Mentors: Tanya HomerChris BradyGina CordaroCarol GrahamMarie RiceHelen Boehm-Morelli
    See all the videos here: Rochester Teachers Care.  
    Check out other video of awesome CIT Interns here: CIT Interns of the Year.

    We need everyone’s help!  We know teachers aren’t just teaching their students.  They are doing so much more for their students and families.  They are coaching, helping families get needed services, donating their time at a local church.

    If you or someone you know is inspiring students, going above and beyond to make connections, helping families, donating time or talent to better someone in the community, let us know.  We would love to share this story. 

    We are working with former newscaster, Robin DeWind and her professional videographer, to showcase what great teachers we have. 

    Send us your story idea! 
    Email Matt Lavonas at mlavonas@rochesterteachers.com or
    Aimee Rinere at arinere@rochesterteachers.com
    Or simply call the RTA office 546-2681.

     We can’t wait to share how much Rochester Teachers Care!!!!

    Aimee Rinere
    RTA Secretary
    Rochester Teachers Association
    30 N. Union St., Suite 301
    Rochester, NY   14607
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