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    The Rochester Board of Education is seeking a vendor to conduct the search and recruitment activities necessary to identify candidates for the position of Superintendent of the Rochester City School District. Prospective bidders are invited to submit a proposal to serve as the search consultant for the Executive Search and Recruitment Services.  All proposals must be forwarded to the Board of Education by Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. to:


    Rochester Board of Education

    ATTN: Dr. Shanai Lee, Special Assistant to the Board

    131 West Broad Street

    Rochester, New York 14614


    The Board will select search consultants for interviews based on the extent to which their proposals reflect certain criteria listed in the Request for Proposal and are cost effective.  The Board will notify the consultants we would like to interview the week of December 2, 2018.  It is anticipated that the Board will make its final decision by December 20, 2018, and begin the national search for a permanent superintendent by December 21, 2018.


    Request for Proposal