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Students From Three RCSD Schools Celebrate Ukulele Day

(May 2, 2022) Students from three Rochester City Schools and Allendale Columbia returned to a day of celebration Friday, April 29 when they participated in Ukulele Day. 

Students from George Mather Forbes School No. 4, Roberto Clemente School No. 8, and Dr. Louis A. Cerulli School No. 34 are part of their schools’ ukulele ensembles, and they have been working on this celebration all school year.  Having not been able to perform together because of COVID, this year students were joined by several local musicians who have a lot to say about the tiny instrument.

“Popular musicians have turned to it and have put out some albums using it,” said Rachel Dobbs, a music teacher at School No. 4. “It’s on TV more.  It’s very affordable.  It’s easy to learn.  It’s relatively quiet, so if you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb the neighbors, you could play the ukulele.”

On Friday, students heard from Tom Toyama, a retired music teacher from Calendonia-Mumford who grew up in Hawaii.  He is an accomplished ukulele player.