• Course Name: Science 8


    Course Description:

              The Science 8 course is based on the Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum (5-8). The core incorporates Standard 4 of the intermediate level New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology; building on the concepts covered at the elementary level. It incorporates the scientific inquiry from Standard 1 the use of information systems in Standard 2, the interconnectedness of content and skills and the problem-solving approaches in Standards 6 and 7. This course helps to prepare students for the Intermediate Level Science Test that is administered at the end of 8th grade.


    Course Content:

              The course emphasizes an in depth understanding of major concepts rather than memorization of science facts.  Key topics covered include: Cells and Cell Processes, Genetics & Heredity, Evolution and Extinction, Ecology and the Environment, The Atmosphere, The Water Cycle, Physical/Chemical Properties of Matter, Density, Physical/Chemical Changes of Matter, Law of Conservation of Mass, and Atoms & the Periodic Table. The course is designed to be a rigorous, hands-on, science course that will prepare students for Regent level courses. 



    Course Requirements:

              The course culminates with a Local exam. There is no NYSED laboratory requirement to sit for the final exam; but the course must include significant laboratory activities that incorporate scientific inquiry from Standard 1, as part of the course grade.


    Credit Requirements:

              A passing grade of 65 or above in the course earns in 1 credit toward the RCSD requirements.