Claims Procedure

  • For students, parents, staff, and the public, making claims for lost, stolen, or damaged property, personal injuries, and liability and damages claims.

    All claims against Rochester City School District must comply with Education Law § 3813 and General Municipal Law § 50-e. In order to make a claim against the District, a claimant must follow the statutory claims procedures. Those procedures are set forth on the second page of the claim forms that are linked below.

    For students and parents submitting claims for lost, stolen, or damaged property, please use the forms titled Notice of Claim (Student Property) or Aviso de Reclamo (Propiedad del Estudiante).

    For all other claims, please use the forms titled Notice of Claim or Aviso de Reclamo.

    Individuals who wish to make claims against the District are welcome to come to the Law Department in Central Office within 90 days of an accident or incident to make a claim. Law Department staff will assist in filling out the form, notarizing your signature, and accepting service of the claim. In the alternative, claims may be served by certified mail within 90 days, or through New York State, as set forth here:

    Contact the Law Department with any questions: (585) 262-8412; Please note that claims cannot be made by email.