Edison Career & Technology High School

Receivership Public Hearing

Community Engagement Team (CET)

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    Principal - Jacob Scott
    ASAR- Ms. Fuller, Mr. Goldsberry, Ms. Pittman, Mr. Scott, Ms. Briggs, Ms. V.Griffin, Ms. Neal 
    Central Office Support- Chief Wilson, Ms. Pecor
    RTA- Mr. Burgess, Mr. Felton, Ms. Figueroa, Ms. Garcia-Torres, Ms. Hardaway, Ms. Kates,
    Ms. Klee, Mr. Mack, Mr. McCullough, Mr. O’Neil, Ms. G Parchment, Ms. Piccione, Ms. Pritchard, Ms. Rich, Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Rudolph, Ms. Scissum, Ms. Watkins
    Parents- Dr. Cohen and 3 Parents-TBD
    Students- TBD-2
    Community Agencies- Center for Youth-Hank Warfield, RIT/Gear Up- Etiana Larkin, Rochester Regional Health SBHC-Tracy Wright
    Business Partners- Causewave Community Partners- Stacey Saracene, Roc the Future-Tanishia Johnson