Dr. Walter Cooper Academy School No. 10

Receivership Public Hearing

Community Engagement Team (CET)

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    Camaron Clyburn, Principal
    Deborah Washington, Assistant Principal
    Courtney Betancourt
    Lindsay Stearns
    Emily Holbig
    Mary Irizarry
    Angie Scaccia
    Julian Eckert
    Carmen Montes
    Freedia Ogden
    Dr. Cooper, Namesake
    Elaine Spaull/Paul Clark, CFY
    Lee Loomis, Roch. Engineering Society
    John Laing, 19th Ward
    Brennen Colwell
    Rob Ulliman
    Ricardo and Mary Adams
    Ericka Glasgow
    James and Danielle Daniels

Improvement Plans


Quarterly Reports