Statement on RCSD Budget Development

Posted by Catherine Wilson on 3/17/2011 12:00:00 PM

From John Scanlan, RCSD Deputy Superintendent of Administration (3/3/11)
The district is working to create a balanced budget while facing a budget gap of approximately $80 million. This gap is the result of declining state and federal revenue and increasing costs including employee compensation and benefits.
The district has significantly less money to spend this year, which translates into fewer dollars available for schools to spend in their budgets. Across the district, there will be cuts in spending both operationally and through workforce reductions. The deficit may require the reduction of hundreds of positions across all departments and across all buildings including central office.
Schools right now are developing their budgets based on the funding they have been allocated. Through a system known as Equitable Student Funding, we have allocated funding equitably among all of our schools based on student population and student needs. Principals and their school budget teams are creating the most effective academic programs and staffing plans possible within the constraints of the approximately $80 million deficit. They are making difficult decisions while also investing their dollars where they will have the greatest impact on student achievement. These decisions are being made by those who know our students best—those in our schools.



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