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Students at World of Inquiry School No. 58 Celebrate Better World Day

(May 6, 2022) Students at World of Inquiry School No. 58 celebrated Better World Day on Friday, May 6.  This is an annual, national event that highlights student learning that contributes to a better world.  Students presented learning projects and engaged in acts of service with the ultimate goal of having children become great scholars and active citizens. 

Students cleaned-up Griffin Garden in the Market View Heights community, where scholars prepared it for planting.  Secondary and elementary scholars ran stations for kindergarten and third-grade students who created a school-wide project with butterflies, bug “tattoos”, a garden scavenger hunt, and other activities to spark curiosity in the outdoors. 

“We’re trying to build a better world directly, and we have a unique opportunity with students from all grades levels at World of Inquiry,” said Sara Oliveiri, a 7th grade special education teacher.  “By connecting kids to the outdoors and the community, this shows students places where we can grow together, take care of our earth, and make this experience a joyous teaching and learning event.”

The school participated virtually in a national community circle to kick off Better World Day at 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  This project is part of a larger nationwide school participation through Expeditionary Learning.