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Student Voice: Cutting the Ribbon on a New Drinking Station at Anna Murray-Douglass Academy School No. 12

(May 16, 2024) Anna Murray-Douglass Academy School No. 12 is making waves in civic engagement as students are leading the charge for change.  In an excellent example of student voice, students are showcasing civics in action by spearheading the installation of a new outdoor drinking station on their playground. 

Last school year, students explored several topics and voted to support installing a new drinking station.  This year, as part of project-based learning, students took their research and findings to the City’s Department of Recreation and Human Services, City Council, and the RCSD’s Facilities Department.  Today, their dedication and perseverance culminated in the unveiling of a brand-new water fountain.

“I’m very proud of myself and my classmates,” said Keriam Ocasio, an 8th-grade student at School No. 12.  “This is big for our school, and I hope others get to have water stations outside so kids can get something to drink. If you put work to something, it can happen.  You have to constantly work until you get it, don’t give up, because if you give up, nothing will happen.”

“What has been incredible to watch is how many adults have rallied to get behind young people who are taking a stand and a risk,” said Carly Fox, a Bilingual Social Studies Teacher at School No. 12.  “The adults have come through to show how much they support and believe in children.”

Students delivered impassioned speeches to City Council members earlier this year advocating for the necessity of an outdoor drinking station.  Their actions transcend the classroom learning as they are actively shaping their community, ensuring their voices are heard, and fighting for what they believe in.