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Music Star Danielle Ponder Visits Anna Murray-Douglass Academy School No. 12

(May 15, 2024) Rising music star Danielle Ponder returned to her alma mater at Anna Murray-Douglass School No. 12 on Wednesday, May 15, to reconnect with students, inspire them with her journey, and showcase her extraordinary musical talents. 

Ponder returned to her hometown today to meet with students and share her love of music.  She credits her time at School No. 12 for starting her songwriting career.  “I just started creating songs here at School No. 12 because I wanted to be cool and wanted to fit in,” said Ponder.  “What started happening was I became a songwriter out of the need to create my own music.”

Ponder also credits the RCSD for what she was taught. “Learning Spanish was something invaluable when I think back to it,” she said.  “Just being a young girl who did not have a lot of exposure to different cultures, then learning how to speak a different language, I think that is something I will always cherish.”

“I think Danielle Ponder is an amazing role model,” said Angela Kraus, an art teacher at School No. 12 who made Ponder’s visit to the school possible. “I think it’s important for our kids to see role models that are attainable and alive.  The lyrics of her songs are powerful, I want her presence to be a part of our school and I want to celebrate her the way we celebrate the Douglass’.”

Ponder performed her song “So Long” to students in the school’s cafeteria.  She now lives in Los Angeles and will perform at the Lilac Festival in Rochester tomorrow, Thursday, May 16.