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Students at World of Inquiry Celebrate Better World Day

(May 6, 2024) World of Inquiry School No. 58 students highlighted a national event that is helping to contribute to a better world.  Students in all grade levels participated in Better World Day on Friday, May 3, 2024.  Better World Day involves students working in partnership with each other and their community to engage in and celebrate meaningful work that positively impacts the world around them.

As part of a junior capstone project this year, 11th-grade students planted 1,967 tulip bulbs across the school’s campus, symbolizing its founding year after the 1964 race riots. 

“We enlisted the help of students from all grade levels to help plant the bulbs,” said Kara Miller, a teacher at World of Inquiry.  “We were pleasantly surprised this spring with the blooming of 1,967 tulips honoring our roots and celebrating our future.” 

Students celebrated a campus-wide clean-up and a community art project. “Students who graduated from World of Inquiry and staff who have moved on shared how the school has helped them grow,” said Miller.  “We have words from those people and photos of the tulip planting in a gallery walk all along the fence for people to see.  This is a celebration of our growth as a community.”

The community art project honors the school's past while celebrating its future. “It is a symbol of hope,” said Miller.  “We are always planting seeds and just waiting for them to come up.  It is what we do at schools and in our community.”

This project is part of a more extensive nationwide school participation through Expeditionary Learning.