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Substitute Teacher at RISE Community School No. 106 Recipient of Golden Apple Award

(April 23, 2024) The Rochester City School District congratulates Mr. Mark Brown as the recipient of a News 8 Golden Apple Award.  Mr. Brown is a substitute teacher at RISE Community School No. 106 and was nominated for this award by Djinga St. Louis, the school's principal.

“He knows these kids in a way that is truly impactful and inspiring,” said Ms. St. Louis.  “Being a building sub, you get an opportunity to meet almost every student and understand their needs. He is that caring adult in the school, which all our kids need.”

Mr. Brown hands out ties to students he feels deserve them.  Ms. St. Louis says it is like getting an Olympic medal for an act a student did, and they may not even realize what they did to receive the accolade.

“When he shows up with a tie, it is never a production, never a big moment, but a student will come to me and say, look what Mr. Brown gave me,” said Ms. St. Louis.  “He is that silent hero giving students something they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

“A student was having a difficult day, and he said if you give me that tie, I can have a good day,” said Mr. Brown.  “It is the ties that bind us together.  I have been doing it for over three years; it makes them happy and warms my heart.”

Mr. Brown was originally a stay-at-home dad when his children were little, so he says being a building sub is so special. 

“I have gotten to see my children grow up, and now I get to watch all these children grow up,” said Mr. Brown.  “It is just a wonderful experience to watch them grow and learn.”

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Brown on this well-deserved honor.