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Empowering the Future of Female Athletes: World of Inquiry Senior Engages Student-Athletes in Capstone Project

(April 23, 2024) The future of the Rochester City School District shines bright because of students like Maeve Delehanty.  The senior at World of Inquiry School No. 58 is a catalyst for change, as she is reaching out to fellow female athletes to tackle the issue of athletic equity and opportunity in our community. 

As part of a senior capstone project, Delehanty hosted a girls’ athletic conference at World of Inquiry on Monday, April 22, 2024, to shed light on systemic issues perpetuating inequality, including statistics that reveal only 30% of collegiate recruit money goes to women while men receive $252 million more in scholarships. 

“I have been involved in sports since I could run,” said Delehanty.  “I have come to find there are inequities not only between opportunities offered to girls versus boys in the city but also between urban girls versus suburban girls.  This conference is an opportunity for girls in the city to work with one another about building ideas for stronger programs.  We often spend a lot of time together competing or on the same team, but we never get to sit down and talk about what we want to see moving forward or in the future.  That was important for me.”

Delehanty’s conference was not just about identifying problems; it was about fostering solutions.  By bringing together diverse perspectives, she sparked conversations essential for progress.  Participants brainstormed ideas to enhance athletic programs and support female athletes at individual schools.