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School Safety Officer Recipient of Golden Apple Award

(May 22, 2023) The Rochester City School District congratulates Mr. Mykael Larkin, as the recipient of a News 8 Golden Apple Award.  Mr. Larkin is a School Safety Officer (SSO) at Northeast College Preparatory High School, and he was nominated for this award by a family member. 

Mr. Larkin was recognized for his involvement in saving the life of a student he knew from previous school years. Last year, a former school counselor, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, received a call from a concerned student regarding their friend who had graduated from an RCSD school.  Being out of state, the previously employed counselor called Mr. Larkin who dropped everything he was doing on a Sunday afternoon and went to the former student’s home.  Together with the counselor, they successfully defused a crisis where the student dropped a weapon he was going to use for self-harm.

“I wanted to go check on him. He was just feeling down and depressed so I had a talk with him and after that, he was all right,” said Larkin modestly.  When asked why he wants to be an SSO, Larkin said, “To try to make a difference.  I keep in touch with a lot of the students who have graduated, and they have become my kids and my family.”

An SSO for 11 years, Larkin stepped into action without a second thought. “It is phenomenal that he took the initiative to follow up on it, step in, and make sure this student got help,” said Jim Sheppard, Director of Safety and Security for the Rochester City School District.  “An SSO establishes relationships so they can talk to kids, calm them down, and convince them to continue with their education.”

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Larkin on this well-deserved honor.