• rcsf
    Rochester Children's Scholarship Fund
    We fulfill our mission by providing financial resources and a support network so that students continue to believe in themselves, see possibilities, and engage in broader life experiences. Over 86% of all students in the Rochester City School District qualify for some sort of assistance and/or come from families with household income at or near poverty level. School budgets continue to be slashed and enriching experiences are eliminated or are fee-based. The squeeze on family finances is incredible. Our support helps these dedicated students:
    • Purchase books and school supplies.
    • Pay for vocational training courses, SAT exams, and college applications.
    • Participate in enriching field trips and after-school experiences. Work fewer hours at a part-time job so that they have more time to study.
    • Get the guidance they need to solve problems and stay on track.
    RCSF knows how important dreams are. And we know that 9th graders have the highest dropout rate and lowest attendance. That's why RCSF reaches out to 8th graders and provides resources throughout high school to those who qualify. Students with financial need are eligible for financial incentives every marking period if they achieve at least a 3.25 GPA. When their grades increase, their incentives also increase. Students may use the incentive for many things, but in the end, it all goes toward helping them succeed.