PAR: Personnel Activity Reports

  • A Personnel Activity Report (PAR) provides after-the-fact certification that compensation provided to an employee from a grant-funded project is consistent with the requirements of the grant.  Essentially, it acts as a receipt to the grantor that the work was performed as intended. 
    Grants generate over $100 million of support to Rochester City School District educational programs.  These resources wholly or partially fund over 1500 individuals.  A recent external audit indicated that the RCSD must implement a personnel activity reporting process or risk losing some or all of these resources. 
    If you received a PAR notification by district email, then some or all of the compensation you received during the time period indicated on the PAR originated from a grant funding source.  You are entitled to know that you are funded by grant monies and you are required to account for the time and effort you spend in providing the services for which you are being compensated by those resources. Rochester City School Distirct employees account for this by reporting this in Peoplesoft. Currently, Peoplesoft access is available by visiting peoplesoft on our district network or internally and externally through ROConnect.
    Your required participation in this process will help to assure our grantors that their funds are being used as intended, and demonstrates to the auditors that we are managing our grants with fiscal and programmatic integrity. Thank you in advance for your compliance.
    PAR Reporting Instructions and Information