• RCSD Graduation Requirements for Science


    Students who have entered grade 9 in the fall of 2001 and later must earn three units of credit in Science to meet the NYSED graduation requirements.  The three units must be comprised of commencement-level science coursed aligned with New York State MST Standards.  Of these three courses one must be from the life sciences and one from the physical sciences.  The third course may be from either the life or physical sciences [100.5(a) (3) (iii)].


    Commencement-Level Courses that meet NYSED graduation requirements include:

                    Regents Core    

    Non-Regents Specialized Course

           Living Environment        Environmental Science
           Physical Settings (Earth Science)        General Chemistry
           Physical Settings (Chemistry)        General Physics
           Physical Settings (Physics)  



    Of the three units of credit required to meet the graduation requirement students must pass one Regents examination in science [100.5(a)(5)(1)(d)(3)].  Completion of this requirement includes the completion of 1200 minutes of laboratory experience with satisfactory laboratory reports.


    This examination credit may be from any one of the following Core Courses:

    Living Environment (R)


    Physical Setting (Earth Science) R


    Physical Setting (Chemistry) R


    Physical Setting (Physics) R



    In addition to the credit received from passing a Regents examination, students must have two additional credits in science.  These two additional credits may include credits from Regents core courses that culminate in Regents examinations, non-regents specialized courses, or a combination of both [100.5(b)(7)(iv)]

    Combinations of these two additional credits may include courses from:

    Living Environment (R)                                  Environmental Science

    Physical Settings (Earth Science) (R)              General Chemistry

    Physical Settings (Chemistry) (R)                   General Physics
    Physical Settings (Physics) (R)                       Anatomy & Physiology
    New York State Education Department Diploma Requiements
    In addition to the other course requirements NYSED requires students to complete the following  requirements in science.

    Regents Diploma

    Three units of science credit and one of the Regents examinations in science or an approved alternative pursuant to section 100.2(f) of this Part. In order to qualify to take a Regents examination in any of the sciences a student must complete 1,200 minutes of actual hands-on (not simulated) laboratory experience with satisfactory documented laboratory reports. The 1,200 minutes of laboratory experience must be in addition to the required classroom instruction associated with earning a unit of credit.
    Regents diploma with advanced designation
    To earn a Regents diploma with an advanced designation a student must complete, in addition to the requirements for a Regents diploma one additional Regents examination in science, for a total of two Regents examinations, with at least one in life science and at least one in physical science.