• Course Name: Regents Earth Science


    Course Description:

              The Physical Setting / Earth Science Core Curriculum is based on Standard 4 of the commencement level New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology; building on the concepts covered in the elementary and intermediate levels. It incorporates the scientific inquiry from Standard 1, the use of information systems in Standard 2, the interconnectedness of content and skills and the problem-solving approaches in Standards 6 and 7.


    Course Content:

              The course emphasizes an in depth understanding of major concepts rather than memorization of science facts. Key topics covered include: Deep Space and the Solar System, Earth’s Coordinates, Motions, and Seasons, Weather Variables, Systems and Forecasting, Weather Hazards and Forecasting, Insolation, Energy Transfer, Climate Factors and Water Cycle, Earth Materials, Leveling Forces, Landscapes/Topography Maps, Uplifting Forces, and Earth’s History. In addition the material on the Earth Science Reference Tables is considered part of the core curriculum and is testable.


    Course Requirements:

              The course culminates with a Regents exam. Students must successfully complete 1,200 minutes of NY State mandated hands-on laboratory exercises in order to be eligible to sit for the exam. The laboratory time is in addition to the normal instructional time compared to the other core courses. A satisfactory laboratory write-up is the criteria for successful completion of the lab exercise. Part D of the Regents Exam, a hands-on lab practical exam, is administered prior to the Regents exam. The laboratory requirement must be met prior to the administration of the Part D to participate in the lab practical exam. The Part D may not count as laboratory time toward the 1,200 minute minimum.


    Credit Requirements:

    A grade of at least 65 on the exam is required for Regents credit.

    A passing grade of 65 or above in the course earns in 1 credit toward the RCSD and NY State graduation requirements for science. The RCSD use the Regents exam as the final exam for the course.