• Course Name: General Chemistry

    Course Description:

              The General Chemistry course is based on the The Physical Setting / Chemistry Core Curriculum. The core incorporates Standard 4 of the commencement level New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology; building on the concepts covered in the elementary and intermediate levels. It incorporates the scientific inquiry from Standard 1 the use of information systems in Standard 2, the interconnectedness of content and skills and the problem-solving approaches in Standards 6 and 7.


    Course Content:

              The course emphasizes an in depth understanding of major concepts rather than memorization of science facts. Key topics covered include: States of Matter, Mixtures and Pure Substances; Atomic Concepts; Periodic Table; Chemical Formulas & Equations; Chemical Bonding; Solutions & Energy; Kinetics/Equilibrium; Organic Chemistry; Oxidation – Reduction; Acids & Bases; and Nuclear Chemistry. The general chemistry course concentrates on an understanding of broad concepts with less emphasis on the mathematics addressed in the Regents Chemistry course. Process and laboratory skills from Standard 4, Key Idea 3 are included in the curriculum. In addition the material on the General Chemistry Reference Tables is considered part of the curriculum and is testable.


    Course Requirements:


              The course culminates with a Local exam. There is no NYSED laboratory requirement to sit for the final exam; but the course must include significant laboratory activities that incorporate scientific inquiry from Standard 1, as part of the course grade.


    Credit Requirements:

              A passing grade of 65 or above in the course earns in 1 credit toward the RCSD and NY State graduation requirements for science.