• A NYS 211 waiver, also known as a New York State Education Department (NYSED) Section 211 waiver, refers to a provision within the education regulations of New York State. This waiver allows school districts in New York to request an exemption from certain curriculum requirements or mandates outlined by the NYSED. The purpose of such waivers is to provide districts with flexibility in tailoring their educational programs to better meet the specific needs of their students and communities.

    By obtaining a NYS 211 waiver, a school district can deviate from specific regulations while still adhering to the core educational standards set by the state. These waivers are typically pursued when a district can demonstrate that an alternative approach would enhance student learning, improve educational outcomes, or better align with the unique circumstances of the district.

    It's important to note that NYS 211 waivers are subject to approval by the New York State Education Department and must be supported by a well-founded rationale that highlights the benefits to students and the overall educational objectives of the district.


    Current 211 Waivers follow:

    • At present there are currently none