Level 3 Career Assessment
    (not mandated by regulation)


    The Level 3 Career Assessment (situational assessment) is a comprehensive career assessment that utilizes work, real or simulated, as the basis for assessment.

      • Performed by individuals with vocational assessment experience
      • 10 day minimum 
      • Provides the opportunity to assess the student’s social skills in the work environment.  
      • Assess work skills and habits to inform post-secondary plan
      • RCSD - Level 3 Community Based Work Assessment (CBWA) - work-site based assessment to determine work skills and abilities of a a student (ex.BJ's Warehouse, Marshall's, Fresh Wise Food Catering, Monroe Muffler).  


    Generally, these assessment instruments are appropriate for students with the following learning styles:

      • Concrete learner: a person whose primary way of learning is by doing. The concrete learner is a hands on learner who can apply skills only after they have been demonstrated and practiced.
      • Poor generalization skills: This person does not apply skills learned in one environment to other environments. For this person, the application of learned knowledge is situation specific.


    Completed the year before exiting (after a Level 1 Career Assessment has been performed).


    The Level 3 Career Assessment is used to obtain additional information when the structured collection of information from the Level 1 Career Assessment is NOT sufficient to make a career programming decision


    This style of evaluation is appropriate for the student’s abilities, disability and learning style.

    The Level 3 Assessment may also be used if a Level 2 Career Assessment did not yield sufficient information to make a career programming decision.

                  Note: A Level 3 Assessment may be done without performing a Level 2 assessment. The tool that best
                  matches the students learning styles should be used.

                     Reference: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/transition/lvl1_lvl2_fs.htm