High School Summer Learning Programs

  • Rochester City School District students will register at their home school with their school counselors from June 24th to June 26th. 

    Private, Parochial and Charter students will register on June 27 from 10 am-4 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Campus, 1 Edgerton Park, 14608. Students must bring an ID and proof of residence.

    Transportation information will be provided upon registration for all students.


  • Location: Monroe High School
    Grades 11-12: July 1-August 14 
    7:30 am-4:00 pm

    Location: School of the Arts
    Grades 9-11: July 1-August 14 
    7:30-11:30 am

    Location: World of Inquiry School No. 58
    Grades 9-11: July 1-August 14  
    7:30 am-11:30 pm

    Commencement Summer Schools is designed to provide an opportunity for students to recover or gain credit towards graduation. This will be accomplished through review classes that prepare students  for both the course and the Regents examination. Students and teachers will work together to accomplish these credits. Our goal is to increase the amount credits earned, Regents exams passed, and the number of students having the credits to graduate.


Twilight Summer Bridge

  • Location: Central Office
    Grades 10-12


    June 18-25
    2:30 pm-5:30pm

    June 26-28

    The Twilight Summer Bridge Program allows for students to have an opportunity to complete online credit recovery courses (OCR) before summer school has begun.

    Registration will be shared in credit recovery labs at RCSD home schools.