Parent Representatives to a Board Committee

  • The Rochester Board of Education is a seven-member board elected by the citizens of Rochester to direct and oversee the operations of the school district. Among the duties of the Board of Education is the responsibility to serve on Board Committees addressing six key focus areas.

    The Board invites parents and legal guardians of students currently attending the Rochester City School District to serve as Advisory Members of the Board's committees. The Board recognizes the role that parents play in the academic success of our students, and requests that parents play an active part in the fiscal oversight and accountability functions of the Board.

    Depending on your interests and experience, the Board Committees offer many opportunities to represent the best interests of parents while serving the Rochester community.

Board of Education Committees

  • Equity in Student Achievement

  • Audit

  • Community & Intergovernmental Relations

  • Finance & Resource Allocation

  • Human Resources

  • Policy Development & Review

Who can serve?

  • Only parents, grandparents, and/or legal guardians of students currently attending the Rochester City School District, who are not employees of the Rochester City School District, will be allowed to serve on the Board’s Committees. No one may serve on a Committee who has a personal financial interest in the work of the Committee on which they wish to serve.

How to Apply

Selection Process

  • Applications are open for the following Committees:

    • Equity in Student Achievment
    • Human Resources
    • Audit

    Parent representatives will be selected by the Board to serve on a Board Committee for a term of one fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th), with the option of returning as mentor for an additional year. Membership in a parent stakeholder organization is not required to participate in the selection process

    The Board will recommend parent representatives to the Board's Committee for final selection and appointment to the Board Committees.  Appointed Parent Reprsentatives for the fiscal year will be notified of selection by letter for service for the 2020-21 Academic Year.  Parent Representatives and committee assignments will be posted on the District website.