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J.U.S.T. L.A.W. Students Tour the Hall of Justice

(May 1, 2024) Twelve Rochester City School District students will take center stage later this month when they celebrate their exceptional writing and public speaking skills as part of the J.U.S.T. L.A.W. program.

J.U.S.T. L.A.W., which stands for justice, understanding, societal trust, literacy, attendance, and writing, is a collaborative effort between the RCSD, the City of Rochester, the 7th Judicial District, and the Rochester Black Bar Association. 

Today, middle school students visited the Hall of Justice.  Guided by the program’s mission to provide firsthand knowledge of the judicial system, the students sat in on courtroom proceedings, observed misdemeanor arraignments, toured a mental health courtroom, and heard from judicial staff. 

Local judges have been visiting RCSD schools throughout the school year, sharing valuable insights into the law and the country’s legal system.  This hands-on approach has empowered students to develop a deeper understanding of the principles within our justice system. 

Students are participating in an essay contest on What Justice Means to Me.  While numerous students submitted an essay, 12 winners have been selected based on the compelling nature of their stories and the strength of their writing.  These talented individuals will be honored to recite their essays at the Hall of Justice on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, in front of family and friends.