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ABC News Interviews School of the Arts Science Teacher on Upcoming Eclipse

(April 2, 2024) Excitement is building in the Rochester City School District about the upcoming total solar eclipse, and one of the District’s teachers is sharing her expertise on this celestial event with a national news outlet. 

ABC News interviewed Ms. LaToya Padilla at School of the Arts on Monday, April 1, 2024.  The earth science teacher has been talking to students about this rare occurrence since October. 

“Even though they might not fully understand what a unique experience it is, it is very important while they are young to show them that the total solar eclipse is something they will appreciate, especially later in life,” said Padilla.

While students are currently on spring break this week, Ms. Padilla eagerly awaits their return to hear about their eclipse experiences and talk about them.  “I offered extra credit for anyone who brings in photos or shares unique experiences, so I am curious to see what students come back with.  They are very motivated by that.”

One recurring question from students revolves around eclipse glasses and why they are so important.  Thankfully, RCSD students will have a safe way to view the eclipse. 

"We are grateful to the Rochester Museum and Science Center for donating glasses for our entire student population," said Dr. Carmine Peluso, Superintendent of Schools.  "This is an opportunity for our students to experience a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, where they can celebrate with family and friends and continue learning beyond the classroom."

“I have never experienced a total solar eclipse myself, so this is special,” said Padilla.  “Being able to pass along how excited I am, I think this helps students see what a unique experience it is.”