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Eclipse Glasses from RMSC Donated to Students Districtwide

Throughout March, students in the Rochester City School District have been engaging in educational activities centered around the upcoming solar eclipse, scheduled for Monday, April 8, 2024.  Rochester’s unique location within the path of totality presents a rare opportunity for everyone in the Rochester area to witness this celestial event. 

The Rochester Museum and Science Center has made a generous donation of 32,000 eclipse glasses for every student in the RCSD. The Rochester Museum and Science Center’s goal is to make sure eclipse glasses are accessible for everyone for this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Students in Mrs. Schello’s 1st-grade class at Mary McLeod Bethune School No. 45 received their donation of eclipse glasses on Monday, March 25.

“There’s something about experiencing a total solar eclipse in person that you just cannot put into words,” said Dan Schneiderman, Eclipse Partnerships Coordinator for the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  “We could not be more excited to create that spark of curiosity and get students interested in astronomy and everything around them.”

Additionally, TV meteorologists Glenn Johnson (News 10NBC), Scott Hetsko (13 – WHAM), and James Gilbert (News 8), have graciously visited schools within the RCSD to impart knowledge to students about the upcoming solar eclipse.  Their presentations, held respectively at Schools No. 50, 29, and 15, have left students more curious and excited about the awe-inspiring event.  They have advised students not to look directly at the sun and have highlighted the necessity of using proper eye protection.