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School Without Walls Commencement Academy Students Learn About Careers in Law and Law Enforcement

(February 29, 2024) Students from School Without Walls Commencement Academy’s mock trial/debate team got a firsthand look into the legal system on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. 

Students visited the offices of Public Defender Julie Cianca, Esq., along with attorneys and legal professionals.  The visit was an opportunity for students to explore the world of public defense, potential career paths, and what is required to uphold justice. 

Students also toured a courtroom inside the Hall of Justice, learning more about the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Court Security Bureau.  Court deputies are responsible for the safety of all individuals who have business within the Hall of Justice, including court personnel, attorneys, defendants, inmates, witnesses, and juries. 

“The interaction with Public Defender Cianca and the exploration of the Hall of Justice offered our students a window into the dynamics of the legal system,” said Principal Aylin Rodriquez.  “At School Without Walls, we are deeply committed to social justice causes, and our students actively engage in our local community with purpose.”

“The experience was very educational,” said Kaysali Morales, a senior at School Without Walls.  “I plan on pursuing a career in our justice system, and this was a great networking experience that has influenced me to consider staying in Rochester.”